On Tuesday afternoon, we celebrated the official opening of the East Campus Mural to huge success! Staff, students and the local community were all invited to participate in this event, to help us celebrate this milestone achievement for our school.Congratulations to all our Year 10 students, staff and the wider school community who helped us realise this incredible feat!


Thank you again to our 2023 Artist Resident Anthony Breslin, and his team; Tara Strong, Emily Lowe, Carmel Laffan and Stephen Bills. As well as Paint Spot Carnegie and Smart Hire Carnegie for providing us with the tools and resources we needed to achieve this project. 


Thank you to Peter Eglezos, the Head of Visual Arts, and the Visual Arts Team; Emma Butler, Su-Jin Chang, Maria Garcia, Tracy Griffith, Jackson Muir, Jessica Rogosic, Anna Bourke, Lynton Perry, Eliza Portelli, Amy Simpson, and our Visual Art Technician Leisa Hunt. A special thank you to Rebecca Johnson, Raphaella Roden and Katherine Sip for their work last year on this project.I would also like to thank Melinda Howard, who initiated this project, and the 2023 Year 9 Student Managers; Chris Pantelios, Katherine Cozens and Susan Wilken. 


Finally thank you to the school’s Communications, Music Audio/Visual and Facilities team for their support of this project. This mural project marks the first of many Artist in Residence projects to be undertaken at MCK. I look forward to continuing to celebrate the school Visual Arts program with the community. 


Michael Kan



The opening night for the East Campus Mural was a buzzing success! Students, staff, parents, artists and the local community came to help us celebrate. This mural saw all 400-plus Year 9 students (from 2023) contribute in some way shape or form to the project. Many painted the bugs, trees, and flowers that create the mural itself, many prepared the panels with undercoats of paint in preparation for painting, many refined and touched up existing designs. 


Students were even involved in painting the wall blue and installing the artwork itself.Excitingly, the mural is also being promoted in a number of ways to the community. Anthony Breslin was recently interviewed by Raf Epstein at ABC Radio, Education Daily is also planning to cover the project in an upcoming publication, and our in-house documentary produced by Latham Films will also be released soon. 


This mural, which is now a landmark of the South Drive Precinct, acts as the first of many Arts Projects the Visual Arts team will be undertaking in the upcoming years, and I am personally so excited to continue to enrich the school community with student-driven art projects.


Thank you to Anthony Breslin and his team; Tara Strong, Emily Lowe, Carmel Laffan, as well as Stephen Bills from Lignum Furniture, Steve Altimari from Paint Spot Carnegie, and the team at Carnegie Smart Hire.Thank you to the Visual Arts team at McKinnon, Leisa Hunt, Anna Bourke, Emma Butler, Su-Jin Chang, Maria Garcia, Tracy Griffith, Jackson Muir, Lynton Perry, Eliza Portelli, Jessica Rogosic and Amy Simpson. As well as Rebecca Johnson, Monica Lo Presti, Raphaella Roden and Katherine Sip, who all helped realise this project.Thank you to Melinda Howard, Chris Pantelios, Katherine Cozens and Sue Wilken, who were the 2023 Year 9 Student Managers who helped plan this project. 


Thank you to the School’s Communications, Music and Audio Visual and East Campus Facilities teams. And lastly, thank you to Michael Kan. This project would not have been possible without Michael’s investment and support of the Visual Arts.


Peter EglezosLearning Area Manager - Visual Arts


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