Enhanced Learning Mathematics and/or Science Program

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In 1999 McKinnon Secondary College introduced a challenging course for Year 7 students who achieved the highest scores in an optional selection test. The focus was accelerated Mathematics and Science. All other Year 7 subjects were studied at mainstream Year 7 level.  After an extensive review in 2018 it was decided that Year 7 ELMs students will be accelerated only in Mathematics.

Year 7 Enhanced Learning Program in Mathematics ONLY

The entrance test for our ELMs program (Enhanced Learning in Maths) will be held early in September each year. The instructions to register will be emailed to all successful applicants in our Welcome Pack in late July. The selection test in Mathematics will be set at a level which assumes students have a thorough understanding of their Year 6 Mathematics.


If selected into a Year 7 ELMS class, students will not be concentrated in the one home/form group. Blocking Mathematics classes enables students to come together for Mathematics ELMs but study all other subjects with their form groups. Students entering the program are monitored and counselled in relation to their progress. Allocation to form groups takes into account Language choice (French, German or Spanish), EAL requirements, Instrumental Music preferences, and whether or not a student is in the ELMS program.

Year 8 Enhanced Learning Program in Science

Students who achieve outstanding results in Year 7 Science and perform to a high level in all of their subjects may wish to nominate to sit an optional selection test in early Term 4 for one of the Enhanced Learning places in Science going forward in Year 8 and beyond. The option to nominate is available to all students in Year 7, not only those in ELMs Mathematics.


Please note that nominations (via Google Form) for this selection test will be released via Compass during Term 3. Only those students and families that have nominated via the Google Form will be allowed to sit the selection test.

Year 8 & 9 Enhanced Learning Program in Mathematics and/or Science

At the end of each year, a very limited number of positions in the program may become available for the next school year.


Students who achieve outstanding results in Mathematics and/or Science and perform to a high level in all of their subjects may wish to nominate to sit optional selection tests in early Term 4 in Mathematics and/or Science. The option to nominate for these selection tests will be available to all students. Students can opt to sit the Mathematics or Science test only or may choose to undertake both tests.

Important Information Relating to Selection Tests

Nominations for students to sit selection tests are to be made via a Google Form which will be published to parents at the beginning of Term 3. There will be a separate form for the Science and Mathematics tests. Only students who have been nominated through the Google form will be able to complete the test.

It is a condition of sitting for the tests that results are not released and the school does not provide any sample tests.


We would like to stress, the selection tests do not require preparation.


Please note that as there are a limited number of positions available in the program, not all students will be accepted.


Students who are successful after testing will then be required to complete bridging work to prepare for the following academic year


Placement in the ELMS program will be reviewed annually and progression is not guaranteed. To continue in the program it is expected that all ELMS students:

  • Achieve excellent academic progress as demonstrated by assessment task results
  • Are active and positive participants in all aspects of the program, as demonstrated by their reports
  • Meet deadlines for all work requirements and assessment tasks in all of their subjects

Students who do not gain a place in the ELMS program are not disadvantaged in applying for enhancement opportunities in later years in a range of subjects outside of Mathematics and Science.