Senior Ensembles Concert

On the evening of the Tuesday 21 May, the Senior Ensembles Concert delivered an unforgettable performance that captivated and inspired the audience. The event showcased the extraordinary talents and hard work of our senior musicians, culminating in a night filled with musical brilliance and emotional depth.


The concert opened with a stunning rendition of the ‘Wedding March’ from a midsummer night’s dream’, setting a high standard for the evening. Conducted by Tracy Videon, The Orchestra’s precision and harmony were immediately evident, drawing the audience into a world of musical excellence. Each piece that followed highlighted the versatility and skill of our senior performers. A rendition of ‘Pinball Wizard’ by the ‘Who’ proved to be a crowd favourite. 


The Senior Percussion ensemble, directed by Sergei Golovko, brought a dynamic and powerful interpretation of ‘Mambo Jumbo’, leaving the audience in awe of their technical prowess and emotive expression. The Senior Choir delivered a moving performance of ‘Crazy’ accompanied by Elvis Leung on piano, with their voices blending seamlessly to create a rich and textured sound that resonated throughout the hall. 


The concert concluded with a breathtaking performance by the Senior Stage Band. There were a number of students taking solos throughout the three pieces performed. ‘Picasso’ featured Louie Allen on Flugelhorn. An outstanding performance. The senior band brought the evening to a triumphant close. 


The dedication and passion of our senior musicians were evident in every note, showcasing their journey and growth over the years. Their ability to convey profound emotion and connect with the audience is a testament to their hard work and the guidance of their talented instrumental and classroom music teachers. 


Congratulations to all the performers, instrumental music staff, Music staff, sound and lighting directors, and everyone involved in making this night a resounding success. The Senior Ensembles have set a high bar for future performances, and we eagerly anticipate next year’s concert. Bravo to our senior musicians for an evening of unforgettable music and inspiring performances!

Ben Browne

Acting Head of the Performing Arts