After weeks of anticipation the day of our Year 10 Informal finally came around. With the theme being Under the Stars, many students came to the informal wearing their cozy pyjamas accompanied by glow-in-the-dark accessories. The night opened with the Nothing Stuck band performing, which left many of us hyped and excited for the rest of the night. The Nothing Stuck band was then followed by a performance from our Principal Team which many of us also enjoyed. 


We would love to thank both the bands for their amazing performances!! For the rest of the night, many of us danced to the music, even dancing to the Macarena and the Nutbush, and enjoyed the pizza, snacks, and ice cream that was provided. This night truly delivered the much-needed celebration and fun for all of us. 


Prior to the Informal, it was our dedicated Informal committee that truly brought the night to life. The team first began by gathering information from the whole year level about what they wanted to see at their own Informal such as the theme and food. After collecting this information, we spent weeks planning and preparing to ensure this night was as successful as possible. 


On behalf of everyone, we would like to thank this committee. We would also like to thank Mrs Fleming, Mr McCooke, Mrs Travitz as well as all the other teachers and the principal team for always supporting the informal committee and making this night as memorable as it was. 


Truly, this night was full of fantastic experiences and memories that I’m sure many of us will cherish. 


Maleesha Dharmadasa & Yeri Soung 

Year 10 Students

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